Seldom Creek Farm

Seldom Creek Farm

Welcome to Seldom Creek Farm

Welcome to Seldom Creek Farm

About Us


The Farm

Seldom Creek Farm is a small family farm located outside  the town of Dover, PA. , and North of East Berlin.

We raise Berkshire Hogs, Lowline cattle, Angora goats as well as a small fiber flock of sheep. Breeding stock, show animals, market animals, fiber and fiber products are available at various times, throughout the year.


New Ventures!

In 2014 we added 1200 blueberry plants. Our blueberries will be available publically in 2018. We will be adding more plants and planning our future harvest plans. Road Side stand? or You pick? Stay Tuned !



Our Family is involved with 4H, and support several local fairs.

2017 plans:

-Mason Dixon Fair

-Maryland State Fair

-York Fair

-Keystone International Livestock Expo

-PA Farm Show

On the Farm

Angora Goats

Angoras are a medium sized goat. They produce a luxury fiber called mohair. Sometimes referred to as  "diamond fiber" for its strength, durability and incredible shine. (luster)

Mohair is graded from "kid" to "adult" and is a versatile textile with uses for ALL grades! Mohair is a joy to dye, readily absorbing the colors. Doll hair, Teddy Bears, Luxury suits, sweaters, upholstery 

Angora goats are have a generally quiet temperament. Individuals can range from the outgoing to the shy. Angora goats do not challenge fencing as readily as other breeds, but must be protected from entanglement. Angora bucks are still fond of "bashing" and can be harder on structures and pens than wethers or does. 

Seldom Creek Farm raises both, naturally colored, and white angora goats.

Berkshire Hogs

Our venture into hogs started approx. 10 years ago with a simple 4H project!. Now Seldom Creek Farm has a small, but quality, sow operation, producing a few litters a year.

Berkshires have been called the "black angus and Kobe Beef" of the pork world. The breed has experienced a surge of popularity in the show ring, the past few years.

Lowline Cattle

Efficency at its best ! Moderate framed cattle, of the original "Aberdeen " size and blood. Lowline cattle are descended from champion Black Angus cattle stock that founded the research group at the Triange research Center in Australia. 


Finnish landrace, Rambouillet, Teeswater and Crosses.


Blueberries, strawberries, pumpkins



Contact Us

Better yet, see us in person!

We love our customers, so feel free to set up an appointment to view livestock for sale. ** AVAILABILTY VARIES** 

Seldom Creek Farm

East Berlin, PA 17316, USA

(717) 292-0330


Monday - By Appointment

Saturday: By appointment

Sunday: Closed